How Much Does the Camp Cost?

The camp costs $113.

What Are the Dates of the Camp?

The camp will run for two days on the 18th and 19th of October. The days will start at 9:00am both days.

Where Will the Camp Be?

The camp will be held on the UNBSJ campus. We will meet in Irving Hall 103 on the first day.

Do I need any Programming Experience?

None at all! The goal of this camp is to teach enough of the basics of programming so that when you leave you will be able to continue to learn more afterwards.

What Programming Language Will the Camp Use?

We will using the Python programming language.

What are the Topics Covered in the Camp?

We will be covering some of the basics of programming. The goal of the camp is to build a simple video game using the concepts covered. As far as the game project goes think less of Call Of Duty and more of Pac-man.

Why Teach Programming Through Creating A Video Game?

The Python language makes creating games easy relative to other languages. The students will quickly be able to apply the concepts that they have learned to a fun topic.

What Skills Will I Have When the Camp is Over?

You will learn enough of the basics to learn more from more resources on-line and will have created a simple game. There are lots of introductory Python books available on the Internet. When the camp is over you should be able to pick up any Python book and understand its content. And again, the best way to become better at programming is to continue to practice after the camp.

Who is Teaching the Camp?

I (David Murphy) will be teaching the camp this year. I am in the Software Engineering program at UNB I have just completed my first year. I have taken classes on the programming languages Java and MATLAB but have taught myself Python specifically for this camp because of its ease of use. I have a strong enthusiasm for programming and gaming, which is why I have chosen the final project of the camp to be to create a video game.

Who Can I Contact If I Have More Questions?

Please go to the contact page. Or click this link.